Frequently Asked Question

We listen to all of your questions and have pulled together the most asked questions. If you’d like to ask us anything else feel free to reach out to us by email or our social media channels.

What is Kipepeo?

For Professionals

Kipepeo is an online marketplace for you, wellness and beauty professionals to get organized, get booked and grow your business. It provides an easy to use calendar, business management and online payment facilities.

For Customers

Kipepeo is your one stop shop for all wellness and beauty needs. Browse services, get pricing from rated professionals and book appointments 24/7.

Why register now?

For Professionals

Be the first to get notified and download the App. Get 1 month free trial instead of 14 days.

For Customers

Pre-register to know when the app launches! When it does, simply create a profile, make a booking via the Kipepeo app and get 10% off your booking!

What are the costs?

For Professionals

For professionals the monthly subscription to the App cost is of RS1800 ($42) with 5.23% per transaction, if you’re not convinced you can stop the subscription at any time.

For Customers

For you the customer, the platform is free. Simply Connect, Book & Go!

How to subscribe?

For Professionals, download, fill in a standing order form or use a credit card for recurrent payment.

Can I try first?

For Professionals

Absolutely, you can trial the business App for 14 days free of charge, pre-register and get 1 month to test out our awesome features to enhance your business.

For Customers

All you need to do is download Kipepeo, create a profile and start browsing all the awesome hairdressers, yoga instructors, nail artists and other professionals on the platform!

How secure is my data?

At Kipepeo we take security very seriously. Your data is your data (not ours) and it will not be shared with anyone or any third party. Our payment solutions are PCI DSS level 1 providers and we do not keep record of any credit card details used for payment of your bookings.

What are the covid regulations I need to adhere to?

As service providers we hold great responsibility towards our customers, let's be firm about following sanitary regulations.

Wear a mask or protection shield at all times within the venue. Regularly sanitize the workspace and all equipment. Maintain social distancing in the beauty salon or barbershop, including at cash registers, whenever possible. Limit the number of people in the beauty salon or barbershop.

Remind staff that people may be able to spread COVID-19 even if they do not show symptoms. Check temperature of customers and keep them out of the salon if showing any symptoms.

How do I book an appointment?

As a customer, you can browse through our marketplace at your own speed, choose your preferred service and professional and directly book time and date with them. Upon requesting an appointment a notification will be sent to the service provider, which the professional must confirm, reschedule or decline. Once this is done you will receive an email and notification. If the booking has been accepted it will automatically show on your booking calendar.

How do I accept, reschedule or decline bookings?

As a professional, customers will request to book an appointment with you and you will get notified.

For this booking to be scheduled you will need to accept it first and only then will the customer receive booking confirmation.

On your app you can view your calendar and all approved bookings.